1. When can I start?

You can begin at any time you want. We just recommend as the regular arrival day: Sunday and as departure day: Saturday, because extra-days are on request and will be charged.

2. How to arrive in Malaga?

Many Low-Cost and No-frills Carrier connect you with the Malaga airport, which is just a 20 minutes ride away from the city center, where you find work place and accomodation.

3. What is included in the offer?

Have a glimpse at this…


4. Which activities are available?

Workshops e.g. for programmers, web designer, translater and moreover light and interesting round of talks, freetime-activities like bar-hopping, playing beach-volleyball

 5. How is Málaga?

Sun tastic!! Watch this.

6. Do I need to speak Spanish and is it possible to learn Spanish there?

There is no need to speak Spanish, but it is helpful. In our Coworking Space we are open-minded people and we build an international team, so we speak English, German and of course Spanish.